About CREATR Conference

What is CREATR?

The conference exists so that we can collectively share and celebrate our efforts and the stuff we create—seriously, the world would be a much worse place without it.

But more importantly, CREATR exists as a platform to inspire each other. The event may be the largest coming together of creative minds in the world. And when we share our vision, our thoughts, and our ideas, the end result is always even better ideas.

Over three days, our goal is to expose you to sharpest minds in the world of content creation. We want you to listen to their stories, be inspired, and even takeaway skills that you can apply in your own work.

But it’s also about the opportunity for you to inspire others. To show them what you’re working on. To provide perspective on their obstacles. To help them unlock new ways of thinking, regardless of vocation or skillset. It’s a conference of ideas that need to come to life.

Who is CREATR for?

Authors. Journalists. Marketers. Videographers. Photographers. Designers. Animators. Engineers. If you create and deliver information, education, and entertainment to the world, this conference is for you.

Past Events

We’ve been fortunate enough to have a successful 10-year track record of amazing events that keep growing every year. We’ve hosted countless inspiring individuals—some famous, and some who grew to be afterwards. In fact, there are more than a few people who started as attendees who are now speakers.

Our breakout sessions have provided an intimate environment to speak with industry leaders. And, afterwards, the event entertainers usually top what any of us did last Saturday night.

How this year is different

We’re going totally virtual. On the plus side that means no large crowds, no travelling, and no expensive hotels. We’ll still have a killer lineup of guests. And attending is free!*.

* General admission is free for earlybird registrants. You can upgrade to a VIP pass for a fee. Details on the tickets page.